Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Application for Your Facebook Visitor!

Hello readers, before we enter to this article topic's, you all must be know what is facebook right? Maybe both of you like to play facebook for a whole time. There's also a lot of web advertising that like to use facebook to put their ads in the this social media using facebook ads. But I won't share about that. I want to share about facebook aplications that we can use. Do you want to know what kind of aplication is it? So, in this article, I will share some knowledge to you all. You can know who is people that really like to see your facebook wall. It's The trick... :

  1. First you must log in to your facebook account
  2. Then press the home button on your account
  3. Then type "My Top Fans" on your search text box.
  4. Then click the Cup icon
  5. Then you can follow the step
  6. You can know who is someone that recently like to open your facebook wall.
  7. You also can see who's the most dilligent boys or girl that like to see your wall.
  8. OK, that's all what I can share to you for this apps.
See you and if you want to be success with facebook, you can read the another article from my blog. Thanks... :D

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